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Contract Agreement

Please read, agree and sign below.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

CLIENT understands that a non-refundable date retainer fee of 50% of the total balance is required to reserve the
event date. Once paid, this fee will be deducted from the total cost. CLIENT also understands that the final payment is due no later than five business days prior to the event and if this payment is not made by that date B2P
shall be released from any obligation to provide décor and B2P is also released from any obligation to reimburse any monies paid toward the event.

CLIENT also understands that events scheduled in less than 14 days of the event date are considered last-minute orders. Once payment has been submitted for last-minute orders, no refunds will be given for any reason.


Order Changes:

CLIENT understands that once any form of payment is submitted to B2P, any changes that CLIENT makes to the final décor order must be made before 14 calendar days of the event and will be assigned a cost of $50 along with the cost of the additional décor. CLIENT understands that no changes can be made within 14 days of the event. If the event is considered a last-minute event (events booked 14 days or less before the event date), no changes can be made to the order once payment is submitted.


Event Cancellation, Refunds, and Rescheduling:

CLIENT understands that by submitting any form of payment to B2P, CLIENT is reserving B2P to be available for an extended amount of time on the day of the event, which limits the number of events that B2P can service on that
day. CLIENT also understands that parts of the order will be custom made and supplies will be purchased ahead of time. Because of this, CLIENT understands that any payments made will not be refunded in the event of cancellation or rescheduling. CLIENT understands that if the event is rescheduled for any reason prior to five business days of the event, any money paid to B2P for the event will be held for six months (from the originally scheduled event date) to be applied to the rescheduled event. CLIENT understands that if the event is rescheduled for any reason within five business days of the event, CLIENT forfeits 50% of any monies paid towards the event. The remaining amount paid to B2P for the event will be held for six months (from the originally scheduled event date) to be applied to the rescheduled event. If CLIENT has not rescheduled the event with B2P on a date that
B2P is available to service the event within six months (twenty-six weeks) of the original event date CLIENT forfeits all money paid towards the event. CLIENT understands that in rescheduling, CLIENT will keep to the original specifications of the order stated in the actual invoice provided by B2P.



P.O. Box 53004 Cincinnati, OH 45253

(513) 279-2971

Event Facility:

CLIENT understands that CLIENT is responsible for checking with the facility regarding the time set-up can begin, along with any rules to be followed regarding décor, and then inform B2P of these details. If the event facility is not open or the room the event is to take place in is not available at the agreed-upon delivery time, B2P will wait 30 minutes beyond the scheduled delivery time and make all reasonable attempts to contact CLIENT or the event
contact person. After the 30-minute waiting period, B2P will leave and the delivery will have to be rescheduled for a time convenient to B2P and at an additional cost that will be determined at the time of the rescheduling. If the floor plan changes and it affects the proposed décor plans, CLIENT give B2P permission to alter the décor ordered as needed.


Material Guarantee:

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified by the manufacturer. If a supplier discontinues a product or manufacturer changes material type, B2P reserves the right to make any last-minute changes (at our discretion based on the availability of materials at the time of the event).  We reserve the right to substitute an item of like kind and quality.


Ownership of Décor:

CLIENT understands that once the décor has been completed, CLIENT becomes responsible for it. B2P is not responsible for theft, vandalism, natural disaster, or any Act of God or décor that has popped.


Teardown and Equipment Return:

CLIENT understands that the teardown and disposal of décor provided by B2P after the event is their responsibility unless CLIENT has paid for the optional strike service.  If décor mechanics or frameworks are used in the décor that needs to be returned to B2P, CLIENT is required to either pay a strike fee or return the items in good condition to PBC within the agreed-upon time frame.  CLIENT understands that if the items are not returned or are damaged, CLIENT will be charged the “replacement cost” to be determined by B2P. B2P shall have the right to bring an action at law for the recovery of the merchandise or recovery from CLIENT the stated “replacement cost”, all without relief from valuation and appraisement laws. If a striking service is agreed upon, B2P, or a representative thereof, will return to remove the agreed-upon framework or décor items at the stated strike time. If the event has not ended before the stated strike time, B2P will wait no longer than 15 minutes before striking the décor. In the event of delays in removing the décor caused by such parties as but not limited to the caterer, baker, venue, DJ, band, or wedding party, a minimal additional fee of $75.00 per hour per onsite B2P staff member will be charged.


Pool Décor Installations:

CLIENT understands that B2P cannot be held liable for: (1) Slipping or falling on broken balloons or any weights or equipment used in installing or rigging balloon décor, (2) Damage to the filtration system caused by broken balloons, (3) Damage to pool or pool systems not otherwise listed. CLIENT understands that no one should enter the pool once the balloon décor is installed until the balloon décor is removed. Installation of the pool décor is contingent upon the weather. B2P will not install décor inside of the pool if it is raining, storming, or excessive winds, or if the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. CLIENT is responsible for making certain that the pool filter is turned off prior to installation and will not be turned back on until all of the balloon décors are removed from the pool. Weather and Atmosphere Conditions: CLIENT understands that some décor may be affected by temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions and that PBC cannot be held responsible for any décor that is created, installed, or placed outdoors, décor installed or placed in an uncontrolled climate, or any Acts of God. There is no guarantee for any type of outdoor work.


Force Majeure:

Should events beyond the reasonable control of B2P, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war, including armed conflict, (3) strikes or labor disputes at the client’s event venue, (4) disease at the client’s event venue or within 50 miles of the client’s event venue, (examples of disease: SARS, Legionnaires, COVID-19), (5) government regulation or advisory (including travel advisory warnings), (6) civil disturbance at the client’s event venue or
within 50 square miles of the client’s event venue, (7) terrorism or threats of terrorism in the United States as substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, (8) disaster, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes within 50 square miles of the client’s event venue, (10) unseasonable extreme inclement weather within 50 square miles of the client’s event venue, (11) shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts or other essential utilities within 50 square miles of the client’s event venue, or (12) any other cause
reasonably beyond the parties control, making the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted. In such case, the affected Party may terminate this Agreement, without liability, upon written notification.


Injury and/or Damage Disclaimer:

CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless B2P for any and all injury and damage, not the fault of B2P arising out of the use and possession of any décor, including payment of attorney’s fees incurred by B2P in defense of any legal claim and all reasonable and ordinary costs of litigation. If using any type of electrical item, CLIENT understands that B2P will secure the electrical cords to the floor as best they can, but CLIENT agrees not to hold B2P responsible in case of any injury or damage. CLIENT understands that there are dangers to people and pets if balloons or parts of balloons are swallowed. B2P is not responsible for accidents or injuries related to our décor that is caused by mischief or mishandling by the client, guests, or site staff. Please, do not allow guests to put the latex balloons into their mouths. Be aware that some Children and Adults have allergic reactions to latex. These Children/Adults should refrain from having contact with the latex balloons.


Attorney’s Fees:

CLIENT agrees that in the event B2P shall retain an attorney to enforce the obligations or provisions contained herein, CLIENT agrees to pay such attorney’s reasonable fees and all reasonable costs incurred, whether a suit is filed or not, and court costs if a suit is filed.


P.O. Box 53004 Cincinnati, OH 45253

(513) 279-2971

Thanks for submitting!

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